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Practice Areas

MacLeod & Company provides legal services to a broad range of clients locally and from around the world. Our practice areas include professional negligence and discipline; insurance law including insurance coverage; defamation, slander and libel; estate litigation including disputes involving executors and trustees, the validity of wills and applications to vary a will; the passing of accounts; adult guardianship; and elder law.

Legal Counsel

Our lawyers specialize in providing legal counsel—clear, unbiased advice to guide the people we help to their own best outcomes. Anytime a person goes through a major life event, or, as in the case of many of our clients, a lawsuit, it’s essential to find a lawyer that understands your situation, the solution you desire, and the most probable outcome based on all the variables in play. Many of our institutional clients have been with us since the inception of the firm. We take the building of relationships very seriously.

Our responsibility as legal counsel is to help you solve your problem. We want to do that as quickly and as painlessly as possible, while still taking the time to consider your problem from all angles. Measure twice, cut once.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are experienced and skilled in dispute resolution – litigation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. As litigation counsel we are keenly aware that resolving disputes often requires us to address the emotional issues that often drive the underlying conflict, as well as the economic issues.

Our lawyers can quickly and accurately assess the personalities and emotional dynamics of a dispute and its underlying conflict. With 25 years of experience in dispute resolution, there is not much that our lawyers have not seen or heard before. We listen for and are guided by what is not said, as well as what is said at every stage of the process.


Talk to one of the lawyers at MacLeod & Company if you have a dispute about insurance. Our lawyers have brought and defended claims for professional liability insurers, fire and property insurance, personal injury, life and disability insurance, directors and officers’ liability, travel insurance and subrogation claims.

Mediation Services

Mediation provides a safe, convenient, and private forum where parties can meet to resolve their differences. I believe that for every dispute there is a reasonable solution. My goal is to help the parties and their lawyers reach that resolution. As mediator it is not for me to say or decide what the resolution should be. It is my goal as a trusted neutral party to ask questions and to guide the discussions in a constructive fashion. In the end, a solution has to make sense to both sides.

Areas of Dispute

Disputes about wills, estates, and trusts

Insurance Claims

Professional complaints and claims

Defamation and other violations of personal rights

Business disputes

Employment disputes

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