Since 1991 MacLeod & Company has offered clear and knowledgeable legal counsel to thousands of clients. The focus of our practice is litigation and dispute resolution in areas where we have developed considerable expertise over the past 25-years. See our Practice Areas.

Whether you need advice, legal representation, or help administering an estate, we have a lawyer who will provide the greatest level of skill and care.


We believe that it is not enough to be skilled in the law. Our work has to answer our clients’ problems and uphold their values. We take pride in our ability to hear, understand, and serve the people who come to us for help.

We understand the difference between disputes and conflict. This can be key in resolving a dispute. Disputes are matters of disagreement, often as a result of information that has not been shared or understood. Conflicts arise from bad feelings between the parties. Disagreements over wills, trusts, estates and insurance can become heated quickly. Resolving a dispute without addressing, or at least considering, the underlying conflict can be difficult.

We believe that to speak well is important, but that it is even more important to listen well. Doctors need to diagnose what is wrong before they prescribe a treatment; we pride ourselves on being just as careful in our assessment before we pursue legal action. Every client brings unique circumstances and perspectives with their case; every case has its own best outcome.


“A legal dispute doesn’t have to be a legal conflict”